Some CSVE followers are leaving far away from France. Some are in Japan; others are in Sri Lanka for instance. They are very often looking at the photos or videos we publish and try to learn some French words. Why? Simply because we share the same values. Engagement, humanity, happiness. This news is made especially for them.

The CSVE is a French football association who has committed to bring sport and pleasure first before other things. When you are playing or training for the CSVE, this is the first thing you are asked. This year the CSVE has established a new pedagogical programme for the 2015-2016 season based on the FFF pedagogical framework which is also referring to the FIFA grassroots framework. Currently, only the U17, U19 and senior players are back on training (Team A and B) while others are still on holidays. Trainers are on the fields.


Sharing our values means also supporting the development of football, sometimes other sports, when we can. Very often we do not realize the chance we have to practice our sport in our infrastructures (grass grounds, synthetic grounds, club house, balls…). Looking elsewhere in the world makes us more conscious about these facilities. During the summer break, the CSVE has supported two Sri Lankan associations. The first support has been done by offering balls for children through the Ayubowan NGO. You have to realize that they do not have a football ground or even a ground they can use in a city with 70.000 inhabitants. They play where they can and 6 balls for them is just the opportunity to play. When I say them… these are 200 children for 6 balls. But this is a start anyway. These balls will be used in a youth development programme managed by the NGO.


The second was to support the U14 rugby team from the St John’s Rugby Nugegoda. This is a public college close to Colombo. 24 children playing their sport on a ground composed half of grass and half of small red stones. To practice football, cricket or rugby in Colombo and if you are on a public school, you have to rent a ground for 100 $ per session. If you are in a private school, you may have your own one. But they have to pay 100$ each session. Imagine that our children who are training 3 times a week could cost 300$ per week in Sri Lanka (more or less 300 €)! When I asked 40 stickers and 10 balls to organize the session, I was asked if with 3 balls this session could be done while they do not have more balls. Maximum 5 by asking other associations. But we did it. With 5 balls on a mixed grass and stones ground. Seriously as we always do. And the children were amazing, with temperature of 35 degrees. Discipline, work, smiles. Things that our own children sometimes forget even with all the furniture which are provided by the CSVE or the Thionville city and all the volunteers who are making sure they can practise their sport in the best conditions. Also something that the parents of our children are forgetting. This weekend, these children have won the 12 a side shield championship. We can only, and simply, be very proud of them because they are showing us what the essence of sport is. Pleasure.

This weekend our senior players went to Clairefontaine for the summer break training camp. Some of you have followed this camp on our Facebook site. This was a marvellous moment and this training camp is just exceptional… in the same time this reminds us how lucky we are to be born in France and to practise our sport in Veym’. Let’s be inspired…